C / S / B is the official service company for electronic appliances of "Siemens", "Bosch" and "Constructa " imported by  B / S / H Israel.


 PL-Rom Service  PL-Rom Service provides service to thousands of home appliances, in  almost every home in Israel, which were marketed over the years under the brands: Electra, Elko, Philips, Sauter, Miele, Whirlpool and Liebherr. 

As part of our world view, we understand that home electrical products are designed to provide the basic needs of every home such as heating, cooling, cooking, cleaning, leisure, etc., and therefore the proper functioning is paramount value to the company's clients. When one of the household electrical products  breaks down, the house daily balance is broken and we aim to return the situation to normal, professionally and  as quickly as possible.

Crystal Service

 Crystal Service is the leading provider of customer service for domestic electrical appliances, the formal service provider for the finest brands of Crystal.


Ratfon Services 1998   Ltd. is a leading and well established service company in Israel. Ratfon provides, under one roof, service for all types of home electronic appliances. 


 Alsale offers club members listed on its website an interactive shopping experience, variety of products, trading results and instant speed and above all exceptional customer service that concludes the virtual shopping experience in supplying the product to the customer.


Alpha Telecom

A trading Company for import of equipment and mobile devices. Imports and distributes spare Phone parts . Also ownes a license for import cellular phones. Recently signed with Huawei, world's 3rd  smartphone manufacturer an exclusive marketing agreement of smartphones and tablets in Israel.

Help PC

 Help PC  is a computers service company that provides a professional  call center for support for private and business customers.


PL Group's  Holding company . Coordinates the independent maintenance service contracts (insurance)  of the company, about 20 thousand customers Subscriptions for long service periods. Also coordinates activities as procurement, IT and engineering.