PL Group is the leading group in the field of service for electrical and electronic home appliances outsourcing with a market share of more than – 85%.

The Group's companies are business partners and exclusive service providers to importers of  leading brands in the industry.  The Group also provides warranty and repair services on an annual basis for most the leading insurance companies in Israel.PL group employs more than 1,200 employees including over 700 technicians and instructors and 200 call center representatives and telemarketers .The Group has over  650,000 private customers in direct service agreements with the it's companies. The five call centers of the group handle over three million inbound calls per year and the Group's technician and guides deals with over 50,000 visits a month.


1975 – establishment of PL by Moshe Pick and Mordechai Livnat.. A service repair shop for television and video.

1989 – Expansion of the company's services to insurance companies. Providing maintenance and repair of household appliances clients insurance companies in insurance policies.

1997 – Purchase of services Rtfon

2001 – establishment of CSB Central and North (Service to BSH)

2007 – Establishment HELPPC company specializing in providing support services to home computers

2008 – Acquisition of the liabilities of Tadiran Ampa, now Crystal Service

2012 – Acquisition of Alfa Telecom Sladon and cellular

2013 – entrance as a strategic partner companies merge and Palbam Kiroskai in industrial kitchens

2013 – Becoming the official importer of Huawei in Israel.

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